Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Agra (Indian restaurant in Skien)

Last week (before the Chippendales show) Siri (instagram: siriohagen) and I checked out this Indian restaurant in Skien called New Agra. I can not handle spicy food at all so I've been skeptical about going there to eat, but Siri convinced me. I'm glad she did! So I am writing this post to everyone in Skien who have been curious about this restaurant, but not gone there because they are afraid the food will be too spicy. The staff will ask you what grade of spicyness you want when you order so I told her I wanted my meal very mild. Mixed with rice I had no problem eating the dish!

You get very big portions at this restaurant so I will guarantee that you will be full, without spending a fortune. That's one of the reasons we ate there actually. There is not much money left for dining out after buying houses and furniture like we both just have, and it was 25 days since our last salary. Still I had enough to even buy some beers at the show!

If you visit Skien and are looking for a place to eat I would definitly recommend New Agra. The food is very tasty, and the dishes have such vibrant colors! Siris chicken dish was a bright orange color and my king prawn one was radiant red. I am a sucker for beautiful food like this.

The light that day was so beautiful. The pictures in this post is not edited and we actually only took four pictures when we where there. They all turned out so good!

Have you dined at New Agra?
What restaurant do you recommend in your city?

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