Sunday, October 5, 2014


It is now a week since we brought home our little baby Jack Russell Terrier. Right now he is fast asleep in his cage while mommy and daddy are watching The Dark Knight. He is just the most adorable little puppy! I have had the entire week off to stay home with our new family member. The days have consist of cuddling, play, more cuddling and more play. Friends and family (and their dogs) have also come by to say hello to little Leo all week. I have also had to unpack a few boxes from time to time while he was sleeping, he takes lots of naps. We're almost done moving, can't wait to get all of the boxes out!

Leo is so cuddly, and I love it! My phone is packed with photos like the two middle ones here, I could probably fill an entire wall with them if I had them printed. These photos are some of my latest instagram post, 
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