Monday, October 6, 2014

October, please be perfect

I'm having a hard time catching up to the fact that it is October already! But I can really see the effects of fall in my now so colorful garden, on the naked, shivering tree tops and feel it in the cold wind. Time goes by so fast when you are busy and constantly having to do something. I haven't gotten my clothes or makeup in order yet because my walk in closet/makeup room was the last one to get painted. When that was finally done I realized I need a lot more hangers. And drawers. So most of my clothes are still in boxes or plastic bags, but I still wanted to show you what kind of outfits I've been wearing the past week. When it comes to makeup I've only put on some mascara and blush two times this week. I've also kept it pretty simple outfit wise with my nudie jeans, boots and plain, black sweaters and tops. I'm taking a lot of walks with Leo so scarfs of all fabrics and colors are a daily accessory. It is getting pretty cold in Norway very fast now. I really wish it wouldn't.

Which outfit blogs do you read?

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