Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Chippendales in Skien 2014

I am back, in a new house and with our very own little puppy! But I have not had internet or time to blog for over a week. So I'll have to start telling you about something that happened over one week ago. Two days before we moved, three days before we brought home our Leo.

Thursday the 25th of September the guys of Chippendales came to our small town Skien. Because I promised Siri (instagram: siriohaugen) we'd go as a late celebration of her birthday I bought us both tickets to the show. None of us had been to a Chippendales show before, but we did see the movie Magic Mike together so we were pretty excited about it. We had actually planned to buy tickets months ago, but there has been so much going on for both of us and time has passed so fast. I bought the tickets only three days before the show so we got seats all the way in the back, but the mood in the Hall of The Mountain King that night was just amazing. It was packed with women (and two gay guys) of all ages, overdressed for the occasion and most of them, including myself, intoxicated in various grades. Needless to say, the sound level went of the scale with these muscular Americans every thrust. The audience kept cheering the guys out of every single piece of clothing one by one, again and again. I'm not going to say much more about the show other than that I really enjoyed it, and recommend it!

After the show, and Siri had her picture taken with the Chippendales, we sat at the bar to enjoy one last beer before heading home. I am a slow drinker so a lot of people left as we were sitting there talking about the show. Then suddenly the Chippendales guys came out looking for an afterparty. We walked with Joey (instagram: officialjoeypena) to the sportsbar they'd planned to go too and met up with all the other guys there. I have never seen that bar so full on a weekday! With the Chippendales came a lot of women hoping to have a moment with one of them, and our football team, Odds Ballklubb, had won a huge game that day so people celebrated that too. The Chippendales where such a blast to party with though. Norwegian guys don't really dance unless they are grinding on some girl or really drunk, but these guys do this for a living and made a real party on that dance floor.

We got to talk to a lot of the guys, they are all so outgoing and easy to talk to! I envy them for being able to travel the world entertaining people where ever they go. Did you know I used to act? I actually had acting lessons and was in many different theater productions when I was in school. Guess world touring with a theater or something like that has always been a dream of mine. I'd love to have more time with these guys and get to know all of their stories from touring, but they left early the next day. At least we got an awesome night out together!

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Have you been to a Chippendales show?
When and where did you see them, and what did you think of the show?


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