Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Style Change #4: Preppy

Style number four in my Halloween style change series is preppy! This is a very easy style to do. Anyone has pieces in their closets that will fit the preppy style when put together in the right way. I used pinterest for inspiration on this one. You can also just think about the movie Mean Girls. Those girls are so preppy. I love that movie.

The makeup is very simple with mild contouring, blush and nude pink lips. It is so simple that I really don't see the point in writing down the products! It is actually the same as the one in my last post, I just added TBS Cheek Color 03 and Babor Camouflage Cream.

Shirt is from Wetseal, sweater is from Forever21 and jeans are Levis bought at Carlings.
The necklace (choker actually, but on my it's just a necklace) is from Gina Tricot. Shoes are from Bianco. I would rather wear some tan boots with this look if I was to wear it on Halloween. At least that is how it should be according to pinterest!

Would you wear this?
What is you Halloween-costume this year?

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