Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Style Change #5: Bohemian

My fifth style change look is the bohemian one! I actually love this style. It is so romantic, sweet and free. If I was to wear it on halloween I would exaggerate by maybe using a carpet as a cardigan unless you have a dress or tunic in this style. This style is such a comfortable one when it comes to pieces of clothing. The tops and dresses are loose and jeans or skirts are flowy and comfy. You can have lots of prints and patterns or just plain colored pieces. Boots work perfectly fine with this look, or flat sandals. If you want to wear heels, you can wear some high heeled sandals or patterned pumps. But the most exciting part about this style is the accessoiries! The tassel bags and boots, the hair bands, necklaces, armbands and rings. It takes some time to get used to, but it is so much fun!

When it comes to makeup you want to keep it simple, but glowy. You want to feel carefree, beautiful and natural. This is a great makeup for first impressions actually, because it is not too much. You look radiant, fresh and glowing without looking too made up. Even though I rarely dress in this style, this makeup was my go to makeup for a few monnths last year.

To get the perfectly radiant, glowing base I used a lot of moisturizing products before adding makeup. At first I used Beauté Pacifique Serum Paradoxe, Vitamin A Eye Cream and Enriched Moisturizing Creme. Then I applied TBS Moisturizing primer and Moisture Foundation 08. I used elf Studio Concealer and All Over Color Stick Toasted (I think) for a bit of contouring underneat the foundation. I set the foundation with TBS Natures Minerals Foundation 00, which has light reflecting particals, before contouring with elf Warm Bronzer and adding some TBS Brush on Bronze to get that extra glow.

For the eyes and brows I used my Nudetude palette and TBS Super Volume Mascara.
Lips are made kissable with elf Lip Definer and Shaper and TBS Colourglide Shine 03.

When it comes to accessories here I can not tell you where it is all from because I do not remember. The head piece with pearls however is from Gina Tricot and the earrings (and probably more) are from Accessorize. They have so many cute pieces for looks like this!

Jeans are Levis, cardigan is Saints&Mortals and they are both bought at Carlings. The singlet is from BikBok. I do not know where the boots are from because I inherited them, but I might be able to find out if you want to know!

I am very pleased with this style actually!
Would you wear this?
What is your costume for halloween?

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