Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Style Change #3: Scene/Punk

I wanted to do a pastel scene style look as one of my halloween style changes, but I realized that I actually need to cut and color my hair for that. And I actually would do it, but I have promised my hair away to a hairdresser friend in November. Maybe I can try again after that! I still gave the look a shot though. It turned out a bit punk I think because I found more sidecut pictures when I googled punk than scene. What do you think?

Makeup Base:
Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation 01 Porcelain (I am testing this so I use it in most of my looks these days)
TBS Nature's Minerals Foundation 00 (expired)
elf Warm Bronzer

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette
Gina Tricot Liquid Eyeliner
TBS Super Volume Mascara

elf Lip Definer and Shaper
TBS Lip Liner Clover Pink
elf Lipstick Rosy Raisin
MakeupMekka Lipgloss Dream Girl

LA Jumpo Pencils

I don't remember where the t-shirt is from right now, but I think it was Carlings. If you gotta know, just ask and I'll check it out. The jeans are DrDenim, bought at Carlings and the shoes are from Disneyland. I tried a few outfits for this look before I settled for this one, I think it works!

Would you wear this?
What style do you want to see me in next?

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