Monday, June 23, 2014

Bling'n Chains over Classic Red

It's been a long time since my last outfit post, but on Saturday I dressed up for an event with my mom and step dad and we took some nice pictures outside their house. The bling and chains are my moms, I am not used to wearing jewelry but she dolled me up for the occasion. My dress is from Mango and you can find it here. It is a very classic and versatile dress that can be worn at almost any event, or you can dress it down for the days you just feel like being a little every day chic. Oh, and it's on sale!

The shoes are NLY shoes, but I bought them at for only 100 NOK (16.33US Dollar). If you are not a member you should check it out, it's an outlet site for and you can get a lot of scoops in there! Just last week they had a Michael Kors watches at half price. Press the ad-link banner at the end of this post to get to the site. These shoes are so classy and comfy! They are sold out on, but you can still find them here with a 50 percent discount! My cardigan is just an old, basic one from Cubus.

My moms dress is actually a kimono over a dress and with a belt added over it. The kimono is inspired by Filipino national day attire, but I just can't remember the designers name. I'll be sure to ask my mom again next time I talk to her. The purse is Guess.

Well, it's Monday and a new week has begun. I'm off to work, hope you all have a nice day!

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