Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In an other episode

This summer, like the last three summers, Raven and I used some of our vacation days on attending the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I didn't take that many pictures at the festival, but will show you some later on. Right now I just wanted to show you some of my vintage finds from the festival. Every year I get drawn to this tent with vintage clothes from the store called Episode (episode.eu) and this year was no exception!

I ended up with buying two high waist Lee shorts, two tops and two purses. Today, and on the picture above, I am wearing one of the tops, the shorts is an old one of mine. The rest of my findings are on the next picture. The first thing that I noticed, and that started my little shopping spree, was the black and brown purse. It is just genius! It has lots of pockets, but not too many, and is the perfect size for summer when you need to bring sunglasses, sun screen and a book or maybe a thin cardigan.

Do tou have any favorite second hand stores?

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