Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday Wishes

It's funny how the weeks before and the week of your exams is the time you rediscover internet shopping! I did some shopping earlier today at Nelly, and since I find myself constantly distracted (haha, like I was ever reading anyways!) by the shops I figured I'd blog some wants. My birthday is coming up fast so this should give my loved ones some ideas of what to get me.

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However, I am going to start with something I actually need; Glasses.
Abby was so glad to see me the other day that she head bumped me so hard my glasses broke. They where just some plastic ones from a retail store, but now I don't have any glasses. Having to put on lenses every morning is not something I want, and the lenses I have now are blue so i look kind of crazy. Especially without makeup!
I don't really know what kind of glasses that fits my heart shaped face, my last pair were big hippie glasses!

| Te Amo Aztec Sequin Dress | Te Amo Bustier Maxi Dress |

As always I wish for some new dresses. Not that I need it, but you can never have too many right? No, I actually need it! These two are so gorgeous for summer parties, and the brand has such a cute name: Te Amo. Guys, this is a cute gift idea! Say "I love you" with a dress! Strapless dresses seldom fits me though, I have nothing to hold them up with. I might have just fallen for the name, after all I do love the song by Rihanna.

Another thing I love in summer is everyday dresses. These are dresses I feel so much more comfortable in, and they do look good too! I'd wear these to the beach, to work, to get coffee with friends and of course at Roskilde. I'd wear them with heels, flats, sandals and barefoot! They make me want summer now! I could wear one of them on my birthday because we are going to a beach volley event that day, probably have to play some too. 

I'll post more wishes later. It is midnight and I have my first exam in the morning. 
Good night!
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