Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A few weeks ago I modeled at a shopping center called Brotorvet for a skin care clinic called Eternity.
They needed someone fast and I had some time off so I said I'd do it. It felt good to do something spontaneous again! The photos that was taken that day where for an advertisement in the shopping centers spring magazine. The pictures came out on their facebook pages the past week.

At the clinic I got lash extensions and a makeover as you can see from the collage. I wouldn't say that the makeup look felt wearable at all for me, but she was very talented the makeup artist that did it! She used mostly makeup from Babor which is a brand I am starting to get familiar with because we have it at the saloon I work at on fridays, Mei og Moy. When it comes to the lash extensions I don't really want to say anything else right now than that they did a good job, if you want to know more about it feel free to ask and maybe I will write a post about it. What I have to comment on is my before picture though, it looks good right? I love my skin now.

A lovely lady from Tango braided and curled my hair for the shoot, and I borrowed clothes from a store called Gossip. This would be a perfect example of a total makeover gone wrong because I would have never chosen those clothes, but this was not about what I wanted it was about what they wanted to show. The dress is cute, just not me, but I loved the hair and the ad did turn out pretty good!

Thank you for the opportunity, Eternity!
What do you think of the photos?
Have you tried lash extensions?

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