Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday wishes - Under the belt

I keep window shopping all the time now. There is so many things I want for summer! Tomorrow I have my fifth exam out of eight and I just can't wait for them to be over 'cause then I'll be sipping strawberry daiquiris at Gringo bar, shopping vintage bags in some booth and just dancing in the sun at Roskilde festival. But in the meantime I'm looking at the internet shops dreaming myself away, so I thought I'd show you some more of my wants before my birthday!

Nudies at Nelly |

I haven't had time for any kind of shopping for a while and my beloved DrDenims are getting pretty worn out. I am going to purchase some new DrDenims, but I also really want some new Nudies. The quality is so much better. I have one pair of Nudies, but they're a little bit big, or should I say not tight enough. These two pairs look great, but everything do look great on the models!

| Lacoste Marthe FRS | Alexander McQueen Liv Cut Out La |

I just can't have a wish list without shoes! I love shoes. Right now what I really want are some shoes that look good, but I can walk around town with on sunny days without my feet killing me at the end of the day. What I need are new pairs of slim high Converse because the ones I have are so worn out. They've even survived Roskilde Festival two times. But it would be nice with something without laces like these ballerinas, so I can just slip them on and be out of the door. And kick them off when I get home.
The Alexander McQueen boots. I had to put them in here. They are so expensive! But so gorgeous and I keep imagining putting together some amazing outfits with them.

C-TY 7 LUX bysykkel dame 2014C-TY 3 LUX LADY bysykkel 2014
|C-TY 7 LUX bysykkel dame 2014 C-TY 3 LUX LADY bysykkel 2014|

Another thing I actually need (I have been good at keeping to things I need! At least I think so) is a bicycle. I live in the city so a bicycle is the perfect way for me to get around. Especially when I need to run errands for work, or am just meeting a friend at a café. I like walking, but sometimes it would be nice to get to where I want a little faster.
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What is on your wish list for the summer?

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  1. Kunne godt tenkt meg en sykkel, altså... Det er miljøvennlig og sprekt hihi!


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