Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Bar of Camp Grønn - or Parts of it

When we left the boys yesterday the bar looked like this. The others leave one day later than Raven and I so I can't wait to see how the bar looks when they arrive. Here they were concentrating about the electrical stuff such as speakers, light, computer and off course how to power it all. Stuff that I have no clue about!

They have been working hard on this bar for days now because they changed all of the technical stuff inside it since we had some difficulties last year. Poor bar, we were hard on you last year.. But we won't be any nicer this year! It is not only our bar and sound system, it is also our own little stage that we dance on. I will post an instagram picture of the bar when we are all set at the Roskilde Festival. Just check out #campgrønn at instagram, and you'll probably see some people dancing on top of it too!

I am such an instagram-addict! So I am trying not to post insta-posts here too often and instead I'll gather them every once in a while in a big photo post. I will however post a Roskilde post with instagram photos when I come home.
We have a lot of time on our hands on the festival so I am going to check and update my instagram everyday. I might also need some new instagram accounts to look at so:
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