Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Time: Come on, Let's Celebrate!

I just came home from work and now it's vacation time! I am so happy, but so tired. Haha. I managed to wash my makeup brushes before work this morning, now I just have to figure out what makeup I am going to bring. I don't usually wear makeup when I'm there, but this year we are going to a wedding at the Orange Stage. The beautiful Christine Tallulah (Weight of the world) married her soul mate this summer and they are having a second ceremony at the Roskilde Festival during the warm up days. I can't wait!

But most of all I can't wait to get down there and feel the orange feeling grow while waiting in line to get in and grab the best camping spots. I don't run though, the boys do and I watch over the heavier stuff until they have started to set up the camp. This year we are only two girls in our camp and eight boys. Well, I've always been "one of the guys" so it's going to be awesome either way!

The first year I went to the Roskilde Festival I really did not think that it was for me. I even though I wasn't going back, but I did and I'm glad I did. The feeling of not having to be somewhere at a certain time is so liberating. At home all we do is race the clock, but at Roskilde we just watch as the sun glides by on the sky and know that time is ticking while we are having the time of our lives not caring about it. The day is turning into night and vice versa, and we have no worries what so ever. Unless it rains, then we have to make sure the bar is dry, and all of our stuff off course. I really hope we don't get too much rain!

We live in Camp Grønn btw, or Camp Green when you translate it. You can follow our hashtag on instagram #campgrønn during the festival. There are not a lot of pictures there yet, but I promise you they will come! Btw, these pictures are not from the festival, but I will plan some posts with pictures from last year that will come out while I am down there. Now we are heading out to help the guys working on the bar. Not that I do much, but it is interesting to watch the boys work and listen to their ideas!

Have a great evening everyone! 

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