Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Colours of a rainy day

On monday I did a makeuplook inspired by the weather we were having. Actually I did a look because of the weather. It was just grey and rainy so I just wanted to stay in all day. And that was actually a good thing because I also did my nails, washed my brushes and did a little bit of shopping (on sale offcourse!). So today I got seven new lippies and some other goodies in the mail! That I will show you later, but here is my look inspired by a rainy, spring day.

The Body Shop Limited Edition 4-steps Smokey Eyes Palette - Silver Black
TBS had this palette in their Winter Trend series in 2011.

The Body Shop Lip Liner #10 - Pink Brown 
The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Shade #42 Dusk Pink

You can see my base makeup here.

What do you think of the makeup?

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  1. Fantastisk øyeskygge! Jeg skal se om jeg kan få rotet meg tid til å anskaffe meg den ^^, Elsker sølv og glitter!


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