Friday, April 19, 2013

TBS Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream from The Body Shop is a day cream with colour. It is said to give 12 hour moisture and protection. This cream is suitable for all skintypes. It contains wheatgerm oil which is the richest natural source of vitamine E there is.

I got this product a couple of weeks ago and have tried it out several times since then. Because the product is not yet available in store I did not know much about it and used it in the same way as my other TBS BB-cream. After reading some info that was e-mailed to me today (and I have tried to translate on top of this post) I see that I should have treated it as a day cream (skin care) rather than a BB-cream (makeup). I ended up using it as a day cream anyway, though.

Skin Care: The first times I used this product I used it solely as a makeup product so I did not change my skin care routine. For my combination to oily skin this was too much moisture and I almost felt sticky through out the whole day. Well, it is not that strange considering I was wearing two day creams on top of eachother. I later tried the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream instead of my normal day cream which worked out a lot better. Usually I use a serum under my day cream, but that too can be a little bit too much moisture under this one.

Makeup: Vitamin E Cool BB Cream comes in only one colour and it fits me pretty well. The cream evens out the skin tone and gives a light coverage. For just a day at work this product works perfectly fine with concealer and some powder on top (here). For the days that I want a little bit more I wouldn't use this as my base makeup, but I have used it as a day cream with my foundation on top. I then, maybe, did not need as much foundation to accomplish the results I wanted, but the amount was minimal. And, my foundation too gives moisture so I would oil up a little faster than normal.

Conclusion: I don't really know what I am going to do with this product and here is why. It does not have SPF. Did you see that one coming? It really bugs me too because it is a nice product. At first I figured that it didn't really matter because both my day cream and foundation has SPF. But I can't use it with my day cream because it gives to much moisture for my skin, and I really don't see a point in using it under my foundation. The ideal use for this would be as a BB cream, instead of day cream and foundation, and just with concealer and powder on top. I can offcourse wear it like this on grey rainy days, but I wanted to wear this in the summer when I don't wear a lot of makeup.

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is overall a very good product, it just does not fit my needs.
I would recommend this product for people who have normal to dry skin that needs just a light coverage. It is available in stores from monday the 22th.

What BB cream do you use?

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  1. Veldig god produktanmeldelse! Denne BB kremen fikk jeg lyst til å prøve, bare synd den ikke har SPF ;-)


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