Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Golden Nails + Giveaway

Yesterday I actually did my nails! I haven't had nail polish on in almost two months now. It feels good. I went for an easy design with a golden sparkle polish from H&M and a black star made with a nail art polish from Models Own on one nail. My base and top coats are from Gina Tricot.

In the picture I am holding my highlighter from Makeup Mekka, this is not a coincidence. I am a shoppoholic and when Makeup Mekka  had a sale on this, and a lot of other goodies, a while back I bought several. Even though I already had one that I bought a few months before that. You can see a swatch of it here. Now after maybe a year without being close to opening a new one I have realized I really don't need more than one. Especially since I have gotten some other highlighters I have to try out. Did I mention I was a shoppoholic? Oh yeah.

So, to the point! I am therefore giving one of my Makeup Mekka highlighters + some brushes and brush guards to one of my lovely readers! That would be you. The brushes have been tried out once or twice and washed. After I bought my Bdellium brushes I stopped using the other brushes.

If you want the highlighter just leave a message!
Did you like the nails?

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