Monday, March 4, 2013

Picking pillow fights

So, after all the hustle with the banks earlier  today I went to the mall with Ally to hand in my Jeffrey Campbell All Black Lita shoes. I bought them at DNA in November so I haven't worn them that many times. Last time I was in Oslo I wanted to wear my JC's. I didn't notice anything when I went from my appartment and into the car, but when we came to Oslo and started walking around I could feel that there was something wrong with one of my shoes. The heel was loose. That was a big bummer walking around in the big city and planning to walk around most of the day. I went to find a shoe store, and luckily Bianco had a 70% off sale so I bought new heels for just 170 NOK. Those are the shoes I'm wearing in this post, aren't they pretty? Anyway, the employes at DNA have been very nice (I went by to ask about the shoes and told them the problem last week) and they took the shoes in and sent them to a shoemaker for free.

It is warm enough to wear big, comfy sweaters with no jacket over now. Yaay, spring! So today I just wore my leather vest from Forever21 over my H&M wool sweater. The jeans are DrDenim and shoes from Bianco. It is a blue monday outfit, even though my monday was pretty good. After handing in the shoes Ally and I were window shopping for a long time. None of us can afford to spend any money at the moment, but it is free to look. After that I went to a café with a friend and my boyfriend. Cosy.

These pictures were taken inside the store Feel at the mall Herkules in Skien.
Now my boyfriend and I are watching a horror movie so I have got to put the computer down.

How was your monday?

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