Monday, March 4, 2013

Just another sneakpeak

I've been out all day fixing things. At first I had to go to the bank and get some papers to add to a form I'm sending in to an other bank. When I got there I realized I forgot all the other documents and the form so I had to walk home to get it and then walk back again. This is the second time I am walking back and forth to get this done. The last time was on friday and after walking from one bank to another and back again to be told I needed something more from the bank I came from I just decided to let it be and went to a café with my friends. But today I filled everything out and sent it in so now I'm just crossing my fingers hoping I get a loan. I hate forms from the banks, I am never sure of how to fill them out and what documents I need to add to it. Luckily I got good help from both banks. After all of that I had to go to the mall to hand in my Jeffrey Campbells. So annoying! Will tell you more about that later when I show you the outfit of today. Here's a little sneakpeak.


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