Monday, March 4, 2013

The passion to reach for the stars

The other day I was thinking about cleaning my makeup room. That didn't happen. But it got me thinking about my makeup collection and routines. How it has changed, and grown, the last few years. I have now been employed at The Body Shop for 3 years and I find it hard to remember what makeup I used before that. I do remember having an H&M eyeshadowduo with the colours black and grey in it that I used a lot in the weekends. I also had one palette that I got from my mom because she didn't use it. I think it was Clinique, and it had mostly nude colours and one dark blue. I don't remember having any brushes, but I must have had some because I've never liked applying makeup with my fingers. It's just tree years ago, I should remember this. I remember I could put all my makeup in one pencil case. Wow, if I tried doing that now.. Lets just say I'd fail.

To make it clear I'm not saying I use only The Body Shop makeup now, 'cause I don't, but I do use a lot of it. But working at TBS is what lit the flame that gave life to my passion for makeup. This blog, and blogs in general, has also contributed to it. And the fact that I just started exploring internet shopping these last two years has made a huge difference to mye makeup kit. I've litterally gone from one small pencil case tree years ago to filling up a huge makeup storage bag and still needing one or two ekstra boxes now. It is funny what a few years can do when you find something you care for.

Oh, and it is not only makeup. You should see my shoe collection (yes, I will show you one day)!

What is your passion?

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