Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brainless Action on Cinema-Tuesday

My boyfriend and I stumbled into the appartment an hour ago after a trip to the cinema with his colleages. It is cinema-tuesday 2 times a month since we can go 2 for 1 on tuesdays. Today we saw some brainless action movie called Parker. I am no movie critic and am not saying it was all bad, but it was very predictable and I get bored easily by movies where you know how it is going to end after watching only 5 - 10 minutes. And I love Jennifer Lopez, but she is an artist, not an actor. But I do admire her for trying. You go, J-Lo! Bonus: you get to see her in her underwear!

Now I am watching Ghost Whisperer before going to bed. I know what you're thinking, every episode ends with the spirit crossing over, right? Haha, I just love that show anyways! The stories and reasons the spirits are earthbound, and ofcourse how they break free and can walk into the light. Not to mention how adorable Jennifer Love Hewitt is. Hello, her middle name is Love!

This is how my makeup looked before I left my house in the morning. I used Shimmer Cubes Palette #07 - Plum and Colourglide Lip Shade #11. When I got to work I wanted more colours so I added some light green and bright pink to the eyes and a bright pink lipstick. I Only took an instagram picture so it will come in the instaweek post on sunday. All the makeup I am wearing here is from The Body Shop.

What kind of movies do you like?

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