Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Lady on Fire

A few days ago I read on the blog that she challenged everyone to wear yellow eyeshadow this week. I just had to join this challenge since I bought a great yellow eyeshadow called Aspen Gold from Gina Tricot last year that's just been hiding in my makeup desk. I also used an orange eyeshadow from Gina Tricot called Carrot and Sexy and Sleek from my Nude'tude palette. Lips are Colourglide Shade #42 from The Body Shop.

Today I changed shifts with my boss. We are always two on each shift, one first lady and one girl. Usually I am the girl, but today I am working with a new colleague so today I am going to be the first lady. The one with the keys, haha. I'm always a little nervous when I have to be in charge, crossing my fingers that nothing strange happens on the shift and that all the money is there when I close up shop. I've done just fine the other times so am not worried!

Would you wear yellow eyeshadow?

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