Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Forever Beauty

It has been such an exciting start to the year!
But to tell you about it I have to start with November last year. Siri and I spontaneously went to a home party one day after work. This is where I was first introduced to Forever Living Products. That night was about the bestselling Aloe Vera products, and we also got to know a little about the business. I was already interested after that night, but it was when I saw that they had makeup products that I became really interested. I had been looking for a makeup store or distributor to cooperate with because I am doing makeup for photo shoots, and now I found an opportunity to become a distributor myself! But off course I had to try the makeup first, and I was so positively surprised! The quality is so good, the products are aloe vera based, cruelty free, kosher and halal. They are just amazing! To really test these products I brought the entire Flawless by Sonya makeup range to the studio and did an awesome pin up shoot! Leo came along too, he's so photogenic.

So in December last year I registered and joined the Forever family. It helped a lot that month because I saved so much on the Christmas gifts! But it was in January I decided to become a Forever Living Business Owner, and I am loving it! It is giving me the opportunity to work with my passion, makeup, and to develop within spa and skin care (I am a spa - and skin care therapist). It also gives me the opportunity to choose where I want to work, when I want to work and who I want to work with, not only in Norway, but in 160 countries world wide! With some hard work and patience Forever will also give me financial freedom, time to do all the things I have ever dreamed of doing and time to be with my loved ones, not to mention all the friends I am making and going to make through this business!

I am truly thankful for have been given this opportunity, and I will share my adventure with you guys here on my blog! But don't worry, this is still going to be a beauty blog. If you want to know more about Forever Living Products visit or contact me

This post was created on my iPad, still have no computer, but I will soon!

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