Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter, I love you even when I hate you

It is December already. Christmas is in under a month and it is safe to say that winter is here. But I shouldn't say that, shouldn't have said it weeks ago when we had our first snow fall. Winter is here. It is dark when we go to work and dark when we come home from work. It triggers something that makes me want to retreat to a soft, warm place for the next four months. A place with lots of sunlight, chocolate and colorful makeup.

I hate the cold. There is not enough fabrics in this house to keep me warm during Norwegian winters. I should just stay inside at all times, but we all know that's not happening. Winter is actually very beautiful, when the snow have covered the ground as a white blanket and the world looks so calm and quiet (and I am inside under an actual blanket sipping on a hot beverage). Then winter is fabulous! But right now I have a cold and am dreading the fact that in the morning I'll have to get up early for yet an other encounter with our coldest, darkest season.

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