Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knit. Hot chocolate. Cuddling. Fall is here.

The days are getting shorter, colder and a lot more rainy so I guess it is time to acknowledge that fall is here to stay. Usually admitting that would make me so depressed that I would not be wanting to do anything else than stay in bed or on the sofa in front of the tv until next summer. But this summer has been so good that it has given me energy enough to last maybe one more month!

Now I am actually looking forward to dressing up for fall in knit, leather jackets, scarfs and boots. I can't wait to take my big, comfy sweaters out from the bottom of my closet! Fall fashion is so comfy, soft and warm with all the subtle colors, both dark and light, thick leggings and over sized scarfs. And I love to roughen it up with some leather details. I just had to check out the new fall pieces at for some inspiration and there are so many things I want! I put together these two outfits, I would wear any one of them tomorrow if I could and am having such a hard time deciding which one I like the most.


Outfit #1: Jacket here, sweater here, jeans here & boots here.
Outfit #2: Jacket here, blouse here, jeans here & boots here.
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Which outfit would you choose?

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