Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Mark as read"

I have just spent over two hours trying to read through my list of unread posts on Bloglovin'. It really builds up when I check it around once a month! To think I used to check it every day is just unreal right now. But tomorrow is the first day of my winter break from school. Even though I have to spend some time doing homework I hope I'll have time to get updated on the blogs I follow and what's been going on in the blogosphere! While I continue zeroing out my unread list I want to share some posts from people I follow.


I already told you that I started working out, and I guess thinking more about what you eat is a side effect of that. It has just been thinking though, no actions yet. Even though I haven't started counting calories I though it would be nice to share Cathinthecitys healthy lasagna recipe with you 'cause it looks heavenly! So if anyone of you try this out I would love to hear your opinion about it in case I suddenly decide to care about what I stuff my face with. Actually, I do care a little. Before Christmas I bought this miracle product for cooking that has so many other great benefits to it, and Cath actually wrote about it here.

The Beauty Department - "Your daily dose of pretty!". I have been following this site for such a long time because they have so many great tips and tutorials. I have a few favorites among their newest post and this about dry brushing is one of them. Being a skin care student and learning about these kind of stuff every day, knowing how beneficiary it is, really makes me appreciate tutorials like this one. They also have great hair-doe tutorials that looks like even I can manage to do (hair is my biggest beauty-weakness). The newest one is a gorgeous heart bun, perfect for Valentines day (yay, it's tomorrow!). Being a makeup addict I think the reason I started following The Beauty Department was because of their makeup tutorials. They have great step by step tutorial photos like this perfect cat eye and so many more!

The last post I want to share tonight is in Norwegian, and it is written by a 19 year old girl who just blows me away with her positive thinking and inspirational writing. This time Motionocean writes about being satisfied and in a good mood when it comes to our every day life. About the little things - like a smile to make a stranger smile.

I also realized after going through my list that it has gotten smaller. Bloggers stop blogging, take pauses from the blog or changes it in to something that does not appeal to me. I therefore need new blogs to read!

Which blogs do you follow?

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  1. WOW nå kom jeg inn og bare 'shocked' du er god, du tusentakk så snill du er, Jeanettemarie!


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