Saturday, January 25, 2014

Only one work out away from a good mood

So this major cliché thing happened; I started working out a few weeks ago and have been almost every day since then! I can assure you it was not some new years resolution, but hopefully it will help to make this year a good one. I am starting to feel and see results already. My appetite is getting bigger, I have more energy and I don't feel as depressed and worn out as I would earlier. I am not going to blog about it that much, just though I'd let you know that this is what I've been doing besides work and school now. Oh, Raven and I are also watching all the seasons of The L Word one episode every evening, haha.

School is getting pretty intense now, with lots of assignments, Latin glossaries and tons of homework. The fact that I can not get up on time in the morning because I dread going out into the freezing snow storms does not make my school days any better. But, we're actually working on Anatomy and Physiology now and I find it very fascinating, even tough it takes a lot of reading. So it does not look like I will have a life any time soon, probably not until the summer when my 8 (!!) exams are over.

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  1. Working out shouldn't be just after the new years! (says the one who never works out loool)


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