Thursday, November 7, 2013

Talk that talk

I can't believe Halloween is over and I didn't post one single makeup look before the big weekend! I'll show you the two makeup looks I wore this year tomorrow, or you can see them on instagram (jeanettemarie) if you can't wait til then. I am more active on instagram so follow me there to keep yourself updated!

Since the last time I posted my days have been so full! So just to keep you up to date on my oh so interesting life I'll tell you the top events:
My cave is complete! I have a beautiful makeup station, lots of pillows in my bed and mirrors everywhere on the walls. It looks so good I might even clean it one day so you can see it!
I finished the course with The Body Shop and can now call myself a Makeup Expert in their makeup!
I bought new makeup (as always) and some other new stuff. Forever a shopoholic!
I purchased three lipsticks and a lip liner from the Rihanna collection from Mac because I had to have them! Clumsy as I am I actually managed to loose my favourite of those lipsticks only three days after I got them! It is actually the one I am wearing on the picture below. The first and last time I wore it. Ah.. How is that possible!? So if anyone wants to sell the Talk that talk lipstick from Mac I'll pay double the retail price!
As you can see on the picture below I now have an undercut (again). And, yes, Rihanna might have had a say in that too.
As far as school goes I am pleased with my choice. Not everything is equally interesting, but I am even more sure now that I want to work with beauty. Makeup is a big motivator, but I have now also discovered manicure/pedicure, waxing and so many other fun (and some not so fun) beauty care treatments!

Did you do any Halloween looks this year?
Show me links in the comment section, or tell me what you where dressed as!

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