Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Instagram: We no speak Americano

This summer has been the best summer I think I have ever had! Our vacation to the USA was just amazing. Because I am not sure about which of the 800 pictures on my camera I want to post here I am just going to fill you in by posting my instagram pictures from our vacation. The first picture is from Alabama, and it is the only instagram picture from Alabama, but I will post more pictures later. The rest is from Hawaii.

| Trying on a new lipstick in the car | First day at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii |

| Beautiful turtle in the Honolulu Zoo | First night out in Hawaii I wore new shoes from the thrift store in Alabama |

| Shopping outfit & going out outfit and makeup bought in Alabama |

| I found the top Janel Parrish had on her instagram last week and I just had to buy it! | Tired boyfriend after scubadiving |

| New shoes from Forever21, I love that store! | At the tattoo parlor, Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki. I will show you my tattoo later, it deserves its own post (but it's already on instagram if you just can't wait!) |

| We where tattooed on this cute girls 21rst birthday, follow her @toriwheats | Just loving my new crop top from BikBok and lipstick from Rimmel |

| "Ready packed, but don't need to check out yet" - faces | Saying goodbye to Hawaii and it's gorgeous sunsets on the beach. |

Hawaii really is paradise.
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  1. Ser ut som om dere hadde en fantastisk ferie :) Fine bilder :)

    Var gøy å treffe deg irl i Grenland, selv om det var et svært kort møte alt for sent på kvelden ^^,
    Hvem vet, kanskje vi snubler over hverandre igjen en gang?

    Håper du har det fint :)


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