Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What happens at Roskilde Only happens at Roskilde

As always after I travel I got sick when we got home from the Roskilde Festival. Just a cold, but I am still struggling with the coughs, and two people other people were sick at work the past week so I have been working a lot. That's why it has been so quiet in here, but I need the money because on Friday Raven and I leave for Alabama! We're visiting some of his relatives before we travel on to Hawaii. This summer is going to be so awesome!

I still haven't posted that many pictures from the Roskilde Festival so I thought I'd do that now. This year the festival feeling didn't come before a few days into the festival week. The weather was so grey and shifting the first 3 days with lots of wind and occasional rain, but eventually the sun came through and kept shining. That's when Roskilde really started for me and when she did it was better than ever. That orange feeling filled me up so good I still can't let it go. For the first of my three times on the Roskilde Festival I missed her already the day I came home, and still do.

One of the things I miss the most is the Strawberry Daiquiris at the Gringo Bar. They are just divine, I could drink those all day. It's funny how we drink beer like it is water, cider like it is lemonade and Coca Cola is wasted unless you mix some rum in it. We are constantly under the influence of alcohol, but never hungover. The words "too drunk" is not a term at Roskilde, it is just an overdose of that overwhelming orange feeling.

I am not saying the orange feeling only comes with alcohol! It is a mix of feeling free to put phones, watches, makeup and worries away. Like we all belong there among all the tents, the gipsys and other people that are there for the same reason as you are, too have fun. It is the smiling, dancing and singing Danes everywhere to music that is constantly playing in the neighbor camps. Of course it might also be the fact that you are a bit tipsy most of the time.

The feeling of freedom is the most dominating in Roskilde. I can not think of anywhere else that it is okay to pee on every fence, to play music as loud as possible all day and all night, dress up in animal costumes or just don't dress up at all (read: naked) and have alcohol for breakfast, lunch, dinner and whenever. She allows you to do all that and more, and she likes it. That's what makes her.

She makes you do things you wouldn't usually do like the things described above and she gives you courage to sit down in camps with people you don't know or invite people you don't know to sit down in your camp. You give of your beer or whatever you have to offer to share stories, smile and sing songs with someone you will never see again. This year we, together with some random passers-by, dug a hole and buried a time capsule in Roskildes fields.

The Roskilde fields must have seen it all, and we all see things we have never seen before when she opens her fields to us. Every year.

It is weird how you can't sleep at home if you hear a clock ticking or water dripping, but at Roskilde you can fall asleep to music you don't even like and that is so loud that you might as well be sleeping on top of the speakers.

The music, that's was brings us all to festivals, right? The parties that never stops. The concerts with artists you have been waiting months to see, and then end up behind a wall a people that are two heads taller then you so you can't see anything. But you still have the time of your life dancing and singing along to songs you don't know with people you just met.

I never thought I'd be a girl for festivals. Going to sleep in a cold tent at night, waking up in a sauna in the morning, every morning for a week. Going days without showering and a week without putting makeup on even though you are out in public with so many people all day. Not having internet connection, electricity, or even clean clothes. Yes, I am a material girl, but at Roskilde I don't need all that and that makes me need her even more.

Roskilde, I can't wait to see you again.

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  1. Roskilde. <3

    NĂ¥ fikk jeg nesten anfall av nostalgi. Jeg savner henne og alt!


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