Saturday, May 4, 2013

theBalm Read my Lips lipstick - Letter to the editor

I think I am going to make posts like this for all my lipstick and will make a new label called "lipsticks" (daha). Still just thinking about it, but it would be a fun project for me to do. I have a lot of lipsticks.

This one I bought from and is called  Letter to the editor. I just love the design of this, it is so cute and unique like a lot of other theBalm products. The lipstick itself however is not that special. It is an average sheer, shimmery brownish red lipstick. I'm guessing it will look great with a tan in the summer because of the shimmer. I would be lieing if I said this would be for everyday use, because I don't use shimmer on my lips normally. But I could use this at parties for the times when my eyemakeup is very dark to balance it out.

Have you tried theBalm?

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