Sunday, May 5, 2013

Instaweek 18 @jeanettemarie

This past week I have been sick and used all my energy on doing my job at work so I haven't been on the computer at all! Every post that has come out this week was planned last weekend and there was a new post every day. I am so glad I did that! I had a busy week with dance practices and performance. Hopefully I can relax a little this week and get well again. I haven't been that active on instagram the past week, before the weekend the picture above was the only picture I had posted (with the hashtag sick). But I did take a few more this weekend!

1. & 2. Great Saturday dinner at Baan Thai Takeaway with my best friends.

3. Playing a boardgame on saturday night. 4. Raven and I made homemade strawberry sorbet icecream today, and it was so good!

What is your instagram?

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