Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Halloween Style Change Looks

Halloween is over and I am actually very pleased with my Halloween series this year even though I did not use my sfx kit. It was so much fun just playing with makeup again and creating different looks and styles that everyone can do! It is so hard for me to pick a favourite among these looks because they are so different from each other. However, I am very pleased with how I pulled off the goth look so that one is on the top for me. I also loved the hipster look because it turned out so cute and happy, putting it together and shooting it made me smile! Press the titles to get to the posts with more pictures, product and outfit lists.

If you liked these posts, but have any style you think is missing feel free to request it! Maybe I'll add some more posts to this for inspiration for next years Halloween.

#1: The Goth

#2: Swag

#3: Scene/Punk

#4: Preppy

#5: Bohemian

(I can not stop laughing at Leo in this picture!)

#6: Hipster

Which style change was your favourite?
Could you wear any  of these looks?

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