Thursday, October 16, 2014

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is coming up so fast now and I am so excited! I already know what I am going to dress up as for our halloween party, but I am going to do a few looks anyway. Hopefully I can give you some inspiration for the holiday! You might remember my leopard carneval look from last year, if not you can find it here.  That is the first look I have (re)done this year just to show you how easy, and versatile, this look can be done! I would actually go as far as to call this look a 3 step makeup look that i all about contouring and having fun. I'll try to show you.

1. Base.
Every makeup look needs a good base! As always start with a clean, moist canvas. Apply your primer, I used MakeupMekka Mattifying Pore Perfecting Face Primer, on face and neck. If you are wearing a deep cleavage you should do makeup here too so prime it! At least I would. Next up is concealer and foundation. You can apply this as you normally would. I applied products that are lighter than the ones I normally use because it is easier to add the color of the darker areas after than to lighten the areas that are originally white on a leopard. I used Babor Camouflage Cream as usual under my eyes and underneat the eyebrows, but on this picture I also applied some around my mouth and on the nose. This is not really necessary since we are going to contour later, but it can help to build the effects up a bit. I then applied TBS All-in-One BB Cream in the lightest color (00) to my face and neck, and set it with e.l.f Studio High Definition Powder. If you are using cream products to contour then do not set with powder until your look is done.

2. Contour and highlight
For some this is the hardest part about this look. I recommend that you have a picture of either a leopard or a leopard makeup in front of you when you do this. If you haven't done it before I would go for a picture of a leopard makeup, I used this one last year because you can really see the contouring. There are so many different pictures of that out there so just look through them until you find one that you like and feel like rocking. For this step I have a contour and highlight palette of matte powders that I bought at the MakeupMekka store in Oslo. I could not find it on their site, but it is pretty similar to this one. If you were to go all out in this look you could cover your eyebrows, make silicone or latex pieces to the nose or even ad some hairy details. You could also make this look very simple (and sexy) and just do a nice makeup but draw in the nose, some spots and whiskers like here and here. That brings us to the last and final step:

3. Draw!
This is the fun part! And since I was only playing around with this look thinking no one is going to see it, even though I knew I was putting it on the blog, I went so over board! For this step you need three different colours; Black, brown (I used gold) and white. I used my L.A. Colors Jumbo Pencils and a black eyeliner (should be water - and smudge proof) to draw this on. Here is really where you can make or break the look. I feel that I overdid this one, but still think it looks pretty cool! I did a reversed cat eye and lots of spots here. For the spots I have just made black circles or half circles and triangles with my black eyeliner and then used the gold jumbo pencil to inside the lines. Again, find the picture you have chosen to follow and just experiment and have fun. This is a look that people are going to recognize almost however you choose to do it.

This look is also a look that you can wear in very different ways when it comes to costumes/outfits. All you need is something in white, brown or/and black, or in a leopard print. So you can be anything from plain or cute to fierce and sexy. When I wore it last year I had on my fabulous leopard body and black stockings. This body is sleeveless and if you are going sleeveless with this look I recommend drawing spots on your arms.

For a more simple look you can wear a cute leopard top with some black, skinny jeans or a skirt. If cute is what you are going for then maybe you could put your hair up in pigtails, and remember to smile with your teeth!

For a sexier version of this look let your hair down, give it some volume and maybe buy some sexy leopard ears (and a tail). Put on the little black dress and some killer heels and you're good to go! For this version I'd wear a little less makeup than here, maybe like this, and my leopard heels.

What do you think of the look, and these kind of posts? Could you wear this for halloween?


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