Monday, September 8, 2014

Date night

Saturday was so much fun! Because Raven and I have been together for four years now he had a big date planned for us. The first thing he did was have me open this big gift that he'd been teasing me with for a week already. Inside it I found a gorgeous jacket that is just perfect for fall. Underneat that jacket there was a cute top and a sexy, two splitted maxi skirt. Deeper in the box lied a lovely necklace, earrings and matching underwear. The last thing in the box was an other box, a shoe box, with some amazing heels in it.

He had bought me an intire outfit, down to every single detail! A goodlooking outfit too, and almost everything fit. The jacket was the wrong size so we'll have to exchange it. But he still did so good! The intire outfit was purchased at

He then took me to dinner at a fancy restaurant and let me order all the sides I wanted before he took out a pair of tickets to a concert. We parked the car at a place that we could leave it over night and went to see Pagans Mind at Ibsenhuset. They serve alcohol there now, I didn't know that!

My heels were not exactly made for standing for a long time. Therefor we just found a table from which we could see the stage, bought beers and nuts and just enjoyed eachothers company and the concert from afar. After the concert we decided to go out and drink some more so we did a little bar to bar rounde and met up with some of our friends.

We don't really do stuff like that just the two of us that often so it was just perfect, Haha, and the date ended with Raven having to break us into our apartment when the taxi dropped us off because he left the keys in the car. The perfect end to a perfect date night! Raven is just amazing.

How was your weekend?
What is your idea of a perfect date?


  1. Herlighet så heldig du er! Og så FLINK han er da! Typen min hadde aldri klart å fikse en helt outfit til meg ;P haha

    1. Må innrømme at jeg ble mektig imponert over hvor godt min klarte det, iallefall med tanke på skostørrelser, bh-størrelse også maxiskjørt til meg som er så lav! Men alt passet, fantastisk!


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