Friday, September 19, 2014

A single rose can be my garden a single friend my world - Leo Buscaglia

The house is slowly starting to look like a home! And it should because our time is running out. We are counting the days until our little puppy is coming home. Our little Leo. That's what we decided to call him - Leo.

We won't have the money to finish my walk-in closet slash makeup room the way I want any time soon though. That's a bummer, but hopefully we have the resources next year and I'll manage to make it some how cosy until then. Atleast I can't wait to use my makeup desk again! I have been living almost makeup-less the past year with the Too faced - Naked Eye palette as my only eyeshadow palette. I love that palette though, just miss my other ones. And blogging about them.

This awesome clock is from Clas Ohlson and is going to hang on the kitchen wall above our dining table.

Which makeup posts do you miss the most; Looks, products or tips?


  1. Looks! :) Oh oh! Btw, gleder meg til å se hus! :D Og gratulerer med Leo! Gleder meg til å se han og :) hihi

    1. Og jeg gleder meg til du kommer (tilbake og) på besøk! :D

  2. Leo var et kjempefint navn!! <3

    Gleder meg til du skriver om looks og produkter! =) =) =)


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