Thursday, August 7, 2014

That's hot

This summer has been so hot, and I love it! Norway have had the hottest summer I've ever experienced. There has been new heat records ca 40 times around this country the past few months, and I've eaten more ice cream and frozen yogurt than ever before in one summer. The high waist shorts that I showed you here have been worn so much already, in fact I wore one of them today. It is getting colder now though, two weeks ago I would never have put on those black, leather boots!

The singlet is a basic black one from H&M, necklace from Gina Tricot and the boots are from Økonomi Sko. The belt actually belongs to a dress from (ad-link). I love being able to wear outfits like this all day without needing a sweater, but today I put the sweater on eventually. It makes me sad that this awesome summer is coming to an end, but I have had such a blast!

Who's been loving this hot summer?

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