Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life is short, buy the blush!

I finally got me some Inglot makeup! These are my latest makeup buys and I bought them in December when Raven and I where in London. Yes, in December, which means I have not bought any makeup for over two months! Oh, wait, I'm lying.  I bought new concealers on Friday, never mind. I am going to swatch and write some more about these products, and the new concealers, later on. I can tell you right now that the blush from Inglot is super pigmented, I love it and can really recommend it!

We are going to learn a little bit about makeup in school the upcoming weeks so hopefully it will inspire me to creative new and exciting looks. It brings me joy just thinking about makeup looks right now. There hasn't been much time for that after I started school, but soon we'll start doing makeup at school, yay!

What makeup looks would you want to see?
What is your favorite Inglot product?

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