Friday, August 23, 2013

Our vacation in Hawaii

Right now I am sitting in our new sofa in our new home. It is the first time I have opened my computer since the last time I posted, feels like forever!

Here comes some photos from when Raven and I where in beautiful Hawaii. My gosh, it really was paradise! The water was just so blue, the sun was shining almost the whole time during our stay and everything was within walking distance. We were both so relaxed, just enjoying our gorgeous surroundings.

We spent some time at the beach of course, and almost tried surfing (did not stand up on the board). But despite the fact that he found SPF 110, Raven got sunburned the first day. That didn't really matter though, because there were so many other exciting things to do!

One of the first things we did was follow the GPS to a beach that was supposed to be a nudist beach (we all have that on our bucket lists, right?). When we found it, it turned out to be just a regular beach, but with less tourists and more surfers so we stayed and watched them for a while. Wow, those guys are good!

One of the days we went to the Aquarium. There are so many beautiful creatures in the sea! I took a lot of nice photos in there that I might show you later on. This guy over here was our favorite of the sea creatures. He was so elegant and calm in the way he moved trough the water. It was very fascinating to observe him.

We also visited Honolulu Zoo. I have never been to such a big zoo before! I saw so many animals that I had never seen. I love animals. They all fascinate me!

Raven decided to go to a shooting range and try out some guns. I don't really like guns, at all, but he somehow adores them. He did good though and seemed very pleased with his own efforts. Boys will be boys.

Last time we went on a vacation Raven took his open water diving license, so we had to go diving in Hawaii! Or he did, I snorkeled. But we both saw wild turtles up close, that was such an experience. I would try not to move in the water and just watch them as long as I could. Truly amazing.

The last full day we where in Waikiki, we both got some new ink at Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki. The difference was that mine took 1,5 hour and Ravens took 8,5 hours! As I said earlier I will post pictures of my tattoo later on (you can see it on my instagram: jeanettemarie), but I have to get some good photos of it. I just have not had time with the moving, starting school and stepping in for my boss. I am not complaining at all though, it is all for the better!

I can truly recommend Honolulu to anyone who are wondering where they are going to spend their next vacation. 
It is paradise.


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