Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dresses for springs festivities

The next weeks and months there are a lot of celebrations coming up. We have the 17th of May on Friday, celebration of the Filipino national day in the beginning of June and in between there are lots of birthdays. My  own birthday is coming up and so is Ravens, my little sisters and one of my best friends. In edition to this the people I work with are having a spring get together with dinner and drinks, and on that same day I am invited to a confirmation and another birthday. I can't do all three though. Like you all needed to know that! My point with writing this is to explain why I'm posting pictures of all these gorgeous Nelly dresses, I need some!

Skater dress | Chiffon dress

I almost clicked this one home, but I could see from the measuring that it would be too long even in xxs. Good thing I checked or it would be on its way to me right now and then it would just be hanging in my closet. It's getting more and more obvious to me that I can not order maxi dresses online.

Dionne dress | Peplum Bombshell dress

I am very picky when it comes to dresses and it's all about feeling comfy in it. The length has to be just right. I don't like straps on just one side. I can not have strapless dresses without trying it on because I have nothing to hold it up with so I am thinking about that all the time while wearing a strapless. Maxi dresses are often too long for me, even with high heels I step on the skirt! I think peplum dresses look so cute, but when I put one on I just have to take it of again. Hopefully one day I can learn to wear it. Other than that my dresses can not show to much, but should still be sexy or cute. If it is very tight I usually prefer long sleeves like the blue one here or this one.

Butterfly dress | Valentine dress 

I guess my pickyness must be the reason I don't wear dresses that often. I am going to try more and more this summer to wear new and different dresses so maybe by the end of the year my NYE dress will be a strapless, tight dress.

Did you like any of these dresses?
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  1. Så utrolig fine kjoler. Likte spesielt de to øverste. Den øverst til høyre var nydelig da:) Fikk jeg skikkelig lyst på merket jeg !


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