Monday, April 1, 2013

Walking on Water

I thought I'd share some photos of our holiday before I start writing down my favourites for March. Lately I have written mostly about myself so I hope to get back on track with makeup looks again soon!

This weekend we have been walking on water in Risør. The entire lake had a massive lid of  ice on top that we could walk on. People also drove snow scooters there or fished through the ice. I think it is so fascinating! On the last picture you can see a small part of the lake, all that white is ice now and water in the summer. On saturday we went into the city Arendal for dinner and bowling. It was a lovely city with a compact city core and kafé shops on the harbor. I imagine it is beautiful there in the summer. I tried out their local beer called Arendals which was very good. I didn't even know they had their own beer. Today my vacation is over. I am going to work in a few hours. I don't want it to end, not yet! But we never do want vacations to end, do we?

I hope you have had a great Easter weekend! 

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  1. Wiiihuu - skikkelig påske!! (Og så fint det første bilde er!! Og det siste, selvsagt!)


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