Friday, April 12, 2013

Waiting as my heart drops

It is still snowing like crazy here. Bah. On days like this I would usually stay in and do some makeup looks, swatches, just hang out in my makeup room and organize or take out my camera and shoot, but today I am not motivated for that at all. My skin is just so blemished right now and it has been since monday. I curse all the candy I ate on saturday and sunday!

So this week I have been drinking lots of water and exercised every day, and that is huge considering I am so lazy I usually just exercise two - three times a month. But after looking at so many bikinis, dresses and summer clothes (on extremely fit people) I do get a little affected. I guess it's a good thing though, because it does motivate me to work out! So I'm going to work out today too and then maybe show you some new buys I did last week. I have been browsing webshops all morning too and I'll show you some amazing leggings later on that will be mine when my salery ticks in!

Photo: Frogner Foto 

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  1. Sikker på at du ikke, uten å vite det selv, har vært med i en alt-mulig-reklame?? (som i, sminke og allskens produkter?) det ville iallfall solgt godt!


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