Friday, March 22, 2013

Because we like it right now

I tried out a high bun with hair donut yesterday. It felt so weird, like I had something on my head that did not belong there. It looked okey, don't you agree? I can't help but thinking that the hair bun (or hair donut buns) is something we will look back at in a few years and ask ourselves why we did it. But then again it will be so cool a decade later. Well, I like it right now, and I need to be better at doing my hair. Here I used hair mousse AND hair spray. The last time I did that was new years eve 11/12. That is just sad! Especially because I like doing my hair. Am going to do my hair every time I go out now!

Shoes: Converse | Jeans: DrDenim | Blazer: Vero Moda | Scarf: Cubus

Do you guys have any easy hairtips?

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