Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cruelty Free Hair Colour: H&M

I, like many others, try to use only products that are cruelty free. Products where neither ingredients nor finished product are tested on animals. Some things are harder to find in cruelty free brands than others, hair colour is one of those things. Therefore I am so glad that Hennes &Mauritzs own brand is cruelty free. I have been using their hair colours for many years now and am pleased with them. Though the colour fades a little easy if you're not great with conditioning treatments, it looks natural and my hair feels smooth and moist. I have not experienced that my hair has dried up after using these products. I like H&M Hair Colours.

Do you know of any other cruelty free hair colour brands?

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  1. Stargazer,manic panic,directions,special effects :) godt å.se at der er andre enn meg som bryr seg om dyrevern! Leter etter cruelty free stuff også^^ anbefaler btw elfsminke!


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